Adventure Island


Programming Language: C# Software: Blender, Unity Date: 2020-2021
Contributors: Florian Brauner, Paul Hagedorn, Fabian Juppe, Kilian Raab Music: Lukas Satzger Sounds: Eva Sibbe
Role: Animations, Design & Idea, Interaction, Inventory, Items, Level Design, Lightning Puzzle, Modeling, Portals, Post-Processing, Project Organization, Sound & Music Implementation, Support, Trailer, VFX


Adventure Island is an explorative adventure game in first-person perspective in the style of "Quern" and "The Witness". The game consists of four islands, which are connected via portals and each represent a season. I was mainly involved in the development of Autumn Island.
On Autumn Island, players can immerse themselves in a world full of magic and use four elements to solve challenging puzzles in the colorful world of autumn.
Freshly arrived on Autumn Island, players must use the power of the wind to overcome a ravine and open the way to the village. There, two more challenging puzzles await them. One a fiery experience and the other a shocking one. If they master the challenge, they must not be afraid of water in order to obtain the missing keys. They use these to reach an ancient portal and thus step into the next season.